Gardner utilizes a wide ranging fleet of equipment from temperature-controlled trailers to late model tractor units to provide safe and reliable transportation services. With a heavy presence in the Western U.S. and a reach far beyond, we leverage our capacity to bring you cost savings and efficiency in every shipment. We understand that time and reliability are critical needs for your business and we’ve designed our business model to support these needs. We’re moving in your direction to offer capacity-oriented solutions centered on delivering customer value at outstanding service levels.

Quick Fact: LTL shipping is a service we offer for smaller or partial truckloads. Less than truckload shipping, often called LTL shipping, is for freight shipments less than 5,000 lbs. Our Less-Than-Truckload shipping is fast and reliable, with Express (same day) service, overnight shipping, two or three-day delivery available. Picture of flatbed with partial cargo on it.